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Separate Services

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel offers its customers not only customized tours but also travel related services as ticket bookings or visa preparation. What do you need?

Wonders of Yunnan Travel carefully selects hotels with international standards especially for our guests. We offer you a selection of four different hotel categories for all major and several less popular destinations so you can choose according to your personal needs and budget.

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel offers its customers reliable bus and train ticket bookings. Select from available connections and let us know where you would like to go when and how. We'll take care of the rest!

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel provides discount tickets for various shows within Yunnan. Currently we provide this service for the Dynamic Yunnan Show in Kunming's Art Theatre and the Impression Lijiang Ethnic Show at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (outdoor).

Air fares and ticket prices change constantly. We as a tour operator have contingents with special discounts available. Please contact us and compare where to get the best connections and cheapest flight tickets!

Wonders of Yunnan Travel has received wide recognition for its registered Transfer and Transportation Service. We provide skilled drivers and a variety of modern and air-conditioned vehicles according to the number of clients. You can rely on our secure on-time services while traveling through Yunnan and Southwest China!

Stay available and flexible during your tour through Yunnan and elsewhere in China and let us organize your Chinese phone service for you!

Travelling alone in China can be very challenging and exhausting, especially when you don't speak Chinese or one of the numerous languages of the ethnic minorities properly. Our carefully selected tour guides are experienced, knowledgable and well-trained to turn your Yunnan tour into an unforgettable travel experience.

A Chinese visa and a valid passport are required documents for most foreign visitors entering China's mainland. If you arrive without these documents you will not be allowed to enter, may be fined and will be immediately sent out of the country again at your own expenses. In fact, without a proper visa for China, the airline will most likely not allow you to board.