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Chinese Public Holidays

Plan your holiday well. It might be a good idea to travel outside of public holidays when in Yunnan and China. Especially the Spring Festival (January/February) and the Golden Week beginning of October are popular holidays and travel seasons in China. Prices are higher than during the rest of the year, all sorts of tickets are quickly booked out and loads of people are on the road and at the scenic spots. Also, our mentioned prices for tours and travel services are subject to change. This is an overview of public holidays in China.


During these days official institutions, banks, offices (also ours!) and most shops are closed:

New Years Day: January 1st

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year): usually late January or early to mid-February, normally 3-7 days (lunar calendar)

Tomb Sweeping Day: usually beginning of April (lunar calendar)

Labor Day: May 1st

Dragon Boat Festival: usually end of May / beginning of June (lunar calendar)

Mid-Autumn Festival: usually around mid-September (lunar calendar)

National Day: October 1st ; followed by the Golden Week until October 7th


Further holidays in China without any influence on (our) opening hours or tour prices:

International Women's Day: March 8th

Youth Day: May 4th

International Children's Day: June 1st

Army Day: August 1st