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Luoping is very conveniently located on the Kunming to Guizhou train line.  It is situated about halfway between the amazing fantasy landscapes of Xingyi and the equally impressive Stone Forest landform.

For a few weeks a year, this small town becomes a major draw for photographers from all over the world who come here to see the sea of golden rapeseed flowers, but there are also other interesting attractions to see in this small corner of Yunnan province.

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Local Attractions

Jiulong Waterfall (Nine Dragons Waterfall) in Luoping County

Despite the name, there are actually ten beautiful cascades grouped together here. The largest drops 56 meters and is 110 meters in width. As the canola flowers bloom, the area is in full flood, making for a grand aquatic spectacle. In the dry season, the elegant waterfall hangs like a silver chain in the clear blue sky. Directly below the second cascade, Lovers Waterfall plunges into a very deep pool and has become a favorite spot for legends of forbidden love and suicide pacts.

Located about 50 minutes to the North East of the town, the views here are still very satisfying long after the canola blooms have faded and the tourist tumult has returned to a trickle. Ask your driver to drop you off at the top of the waterfall, for an easier walk down rather than the main drop off. The bamboo rafts are a fun way to get up close and personal to the falls.

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Duoyi River

Just thirty kilometers south of Luoping is the tranquil and lazy Duoyi River. Bamboo groves, weeping willows and ancient water wheels create a truly idyllic setting. This area is the Bouyei minority heartland.  On the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar, young men and women appear in splendid attire to celebrate one of their many festivals. Visitors can look forward to bamboo raft racing, water splashing and antiphonal singing, all in the name of traditional courtship. Bouyei traditional clothes are some of the most attractive of all the minorities, their dark navy blues and intricate embroidery making them excellent souvenirs.

It is quite a long walk of maybe 5km to the waterfall, but there is also an electric golf cart for the elderly and young children. The golf cart costs ¥15 one way. Chinese Beautiful Chinese Banyan trees dot the shoals of this placid river and there are many different kinds of waterwheel on display, that are very educational.

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Lubuge Gorge

Located 40km south of the county seat. "Lubuge" is from Bouyei language, meaning "a beautiful village". The major scenic spot is the Power Dam and its artificial lake. The dam is 103m high and the reservoir has a storage capacity of 110million cubic meters. The project was designed by a consortium of engineers from four different countries (Italy, Germany, the UK, and China).