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Wenshan Zhuang & Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located in Yunnan's southeast. Visiting Wenshan is rather an insider tip, as it's only seldomly included in Yunnan itineraries.

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Wenshan has its own Airport (WNH) in Yanshan County

6 km from the center of Yanshan County
25 km from Wenshan County 

Airlines: China Eastern Airlines

Destinations: Kunming

Ethnic groups

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The Tai ethnicity refers collectively to the ethnic groups of southern China and Southeast Asia, stretching from Hainan to eastern India and from southern Sichuan to Laos, Thailand, and parts of Vietnam, which speak languages in the Tai family and share similar traditions and festivals, including Songkran. Despite never having a unified nation-state of their own, the peoples also have historically shared a vague idea of a "Siam" nation, corrupted to Shan or Assam in some places, and most self-identify as Tai.

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The languages spoken by the Tai people are classified in a Tai language family. They are the most widely spoken of the Kradai languages, and include Thai, the national language of Thailand; Lao or Laotian, the national language of Laos; Burma's Shan language; and Zhuang, a group of languages of southern China. These languages are tonal languages, meaning variations in tone of a word can change that word's meaning.


The Tai throughout Asia celebrate a number of common festivals, including a holiday known as Songkran, which originally marked the vernal equinox, but is now celebrated on the 13th of April every year. (wikipedia)

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