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Known as "Guilin of Yunnan", Puzhehei is located  about 300 km southeast of Kunming in Wenshan Prefecture and is inhabited by Miao, Yao, Yi, Bai and Zhuang people. 

The best time to come is in August when the Lotus flower is in full bloom and the skies can be dramatic.

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Lakes, mountains, karst caves and the generally unspoiled environment make Puzhehei a popular vacation spot for locals but less frequently visited by foreigners who are usually drawn to Lijiang and Dali

Colorful costumes, market villages and a real sense of continuity with the past mark this laid back area as a nice alternative to some of the more heavily trafficked tourist spots.

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Puzhehei Lake is surrounded by mountain peaks and has Yi villages along its shoreline. One of the real pleasures of being on the lake is being able to have fresh barbecued fish, corn, tofu and other delicacies cooked in a neighboring boat for you.

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