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Luliang Sand Forest

The Colourful Sand Forest in Luliang is a national tourist resort with an AAAA level.

The whole Sand Forest has a shape of a Y and covers an area of about 6 km2. The main colours here are yellow, white, red and grey. The Colourful Sand Forest came into being about 340 million years ago. It was a physiognomic wonder resulting from the gradual influence of the impacts of earthquakes, the ejection of the magma, the movement of the earth’s crust, and the erosion of wind and rain. It is also a whole consisting of all kinds of sand posts, sand peaks and sand screens. In addition, engraving with sand will sure give you a different feeling.

In the Colourful Sand Forest, you can not only enjoy the beautiful natural sights, but also visit the basso-relievos representing the ancient Cuan culture, play with sand carvings and watch the performances of local folk customs.

Since the year 2001, the International Festival of Colourful Sand Carvings and the Contest of Sand Carving have been held for three years running in Luliang, and each has a unique topic. People show all kinds of historical stories and characters in the masterpieces through sand carvings. If you are interested, you can find a patch of sandlot and do some carvings yourself. The works of the sand carvings are usually exhibited from the April to the end of October each year.


Luliang Sandforest 1


Luliang Sandforest 2


Luliang Sandforest 3


Luliang Sandforest 4


Luliang Sandforest 14


Luliang Sandforest 5


Luliang Sandforest 6


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Luliang Sandforest 9


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Luliang Sandforest 13