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Jiuxiang Caves & Scenic Area, Kunming

Jiuxiang Scenic Area is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County, about 90 km from central Kunming. It is famous for its unique karst caves (about 100 in total, of which over 60 are explored), mountains, rivers, deep valleys as well as minority customs and cultures.

Jiuxiang Cave 1

Jiuxiang Scenic Region covers an area of about 20 km2 and consists of 5 major scenic spots:

  1. Diehong Bridge - right at the amazing karst caves (White Elephant, Goddess, Lying Dragon and Bat Cave) and the twin waterfalls

  2. Sanjiao Cave - the biggest karst cave

  3. Dasha Dam with dense forest and further caves

  4. Alulong - an area famous for some excavated Yi cliff paintings of Qin and Han dynasties

  5. Mingyue Lake - the bright moon lake

Jiuxiang Cave 2

Jiuxiang, the hometown of the Yi ethnic minority, has a long cultural history with widely spread old myths and tales. Their ancient customes include Hunting and Worship Festivals, Love Song Contests, Bullfighting, Wrestling and dances. By the way, a visit to Jiuxiang Caves can be combined perfectly with Stone Forest.

Some more pictures below.

Jiuxiang Cave 3


Jiuxiang Cave 4

Jiuxiang Cave 5

Jiuxiang Cave 6

Jiuxiang Cave 7

Jiuxiang Cave 8

Jiuxiang Cave 9