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As local Yunnan persons, we are very proud of this province’s beautiful nature and unique culture. From China’s overall 55 ethnic minorities, 26 are calling Yunnan its homeland. We all live together in this rather remote corner of China with its geographical varieties between Tibet’s Himalayas and lush subtropical landscapes bordering Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. It’s a very special and therefore unique spot of our planet!

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel is based in Yunnan’s capital, Kunming. While our city has changed a lot during the last 2 decades to the well-established Chinese Gate to Southeast Asia as an important, bustling and modern central hub for economy, politics, infrastructure and culture, the regions outside of Yunnan’s bigger cities are still keeping their ancient flair with its well-preserved customs, colorful dresses and manifold cuisine. It’s this distinctive mix which turns our homeland to this pearl of China.

The great majority of our tour packages is either completely in Yunnan or is leading through our province as a part of a multiple province tour. Check out our Yunnan Guide below for more detailed information!