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Melanie Timmerman
posted on Sunday, August 18th at 20:03

You've probably heard that Yunnan has a rainy season in summer and that you'd better skip it during that time. But what does summer in Yunnan really look like?

posted on Sunday, July 14th at 20:52
( yunnan )


Yunnan, China — If there's a downside to Yunnan travel, it's that one trip simply isn't going to be enough.

posted on Saturday, June 15th at 23:07

We're delighted to team up with a dear friend, Josh Neukam, to offer an amazing 11-day photography workshop tour.  In the first part of the interview, we got detailed information about the 6 photography workshops he will guide during the trip.

posted on Friday, June 14th at 00:51
Josh Neukam from As You Go, Photo! designed an 11-day photography workshop tour that he will guide this summer. Get to know him better in this two part interview.

For the first part, find out how his passion for photography came about, his choice of equipment and all that you can learn about photography during the tour. 

Sissy Wang
posted on Wednesday, May 29th at 01:44

Sometimes we need a place to go to be away from all the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. In the mysterious East of China, such a place exists. Here time moves slower, a relaxing pace for the soul. 

Sissy Wang
posted on Tuesday, May 21st at 19:37
( yunnan )

In Yunnan, the market where we buy foods, fruits, vegetables, and seasonings is called "Cai Shi Chang". 

posted on Thursday, May 16th at 22:24

The Beipanjiang Bridge Duge was completed in 2016 and took the title of The World’s Highest Bridge.

posted on Thursday, December 27th at 01:40

The Himalayan foothills get closer and closer all the time.  Earlier this year, the new high speed train reached as far as Dali, and now it is about to pull into the station at Lijiang. 

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