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Linda Lin
posted on Wednesday, September 28th at 02:40

Our long-time colleague and friend Christy (黄婷婷) has married her fiancé Michael (李健勋) this month and the whole Wonders Of Yunnan Travel team would like to congratulate again and thank for the invitation to the lovely ceremony in Chengjiang. We are wishing all the best!

Justin Wang
posted on Tuesday, September 13th at 21:51

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China is a harvest festival, celebrated during the eighth lunar month's full moon period. In 2016, this falls on 15th September. Public holiday is from 15th to 17th and also our office will be closed during this period. Enjoy your moon cakes!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, August 9th at 01:00

We are continuing our little diary series of Iva, the hiker from Australia, walking the same route, which British journalist Dingle traveled over 100 years ago. This third chapter covers the second half of June, in which she had passed Kunming and also finally dropped by our office.

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, August 1st at 21:38

Many of our guests to Yunnan arrive via plane at Kunming Changshui International Airport before enjoying their stay in China's south-west. The airport is pretty big, so to ensure a smooth pickup by our drivers and tour guides, we list here how it works best and you won't get lost.

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, July 12th at 00:06

This is the travel story of Iva. Iva is from Australia, as one of our customers she made her way to China this summer to follow Edwin J. Dingle's footsteps. Dingle, a British journalist, made his way up the Yangtze River and then walked from Chongqing via Yunnan to Burma in 1909. A diary. 

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, July 4th at 20:16

All year round is BBQ time in Kunming. So also we take the opportunity every once in a while to close our office, get together with our colleagues, families, friends, drivers and tour guides and heat the grill. Besides delicious food, also games were on the agenda. 

Olaf Malden
posted on Monday, June 6th at 00:58

Every now and then we make our way out of the office and check out the 'status' of the outside world. Regular research trips keep us up to date in terms of our offered travel services. This time, we went to Honghe Prefecture, home of numerous ethnic minorities.

Linda Lin
posted on Thursday, March 31st at 01:50

2.April 2011 marked the start of our tour operator business in Yunnan. We quickly expanded with loads of interesting tours to Southwest-China and other parts of the country. Thousands of satisfied customers said "thank you" and now it's up to us giving something back!

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, March 30th at 00:30

Meeting people from all over the world is always nice, especially when they have the same interests. Mid-March, we participated the Zhangjiajie International Travel Agents Conference on China Inbound Tourism 2016 and hooked up with likeminded tour operators.

Christy Huang
posted on Sunday, February 7th at 21:13

The whole Wonders Of Yunnan Travel Team wishes everyone a wonderful and happy new year of the monkey! But what exactly is the Spring Festival at all? Get a short overview here!


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