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Olaf Malden
posted on Tuesday, May 24th at 01:47

When travelling through Yunnan and China as a tourist you might want to remain reachable by phone without paying high roaming fees for international phone calls. Get yourself a Chinese SIM card: ask us for details, we will arrange everything for you!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, May 11th at 23:55

When you are visiting China, you should avoid travelling during the major public holidays. Many Chinese people use the holidays around Spring Festival, First of May and especially the Golden Week to travel through the country. Stay calm. And maybe even at home.

Joy Yang
posted on Wednesday, April 20th at 19:35

Yang Liping is known for the creation of the Dynamic Yunnan Show dance performance. Now, her new show, The Sound of Yunnan (Chinese: Yunnan de xiangsheng / 云南的响声) will premier in Lijiang upcoming May. We provide some first impressions of her next master piece!

Joy Yang
posted on Tuesday, April 12th at 01:46

About ten kilometers northwest of famous Lijiang Old Town, several ancient villages, including Baisha Village can be found. There, the invaluable Lijiang Mural is stored, preserved and displayed in 15 different temples. An extraordinary part of Yunnan's history!

Christy Huang
posted on Tuesday, March 29th at 03:22

Kunming is lovingly referred to as Spring City due to its mild climate and extremely colorful trees and flowers. But how about other cities and regions in the area? Anning for instance, only a stone's throw away from the capital is also worth a visit!

Joy Yang
posted on Sunday, March 27th at 21:50

Every year, the travel information site tripadvisor publishes a list of "The Very Best of Travel". While millions of travelers rate in different categories as destinations, beaches and landmarks worldwide, this year, Yunnan was well present with its hotels.

Christy Huang
posted on Sunday, March 20th at 22:31

Zheng He was a great traveler and navigator in the early Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). He was sent on dipomatic missons to the West and visited 39 countries and regions within 28 years. The Zheng He Park, was built to commemorate him in Jinning, Yunnan where he came from.

Olaf Malden
posted on Sunday, March 6th at 22:54

While many of our guests in Yunnan choose to use the train or book a car with driver to get around on their tour, only few take the opportunity for self-driving. It actually is possible but you would need to apply for a Chinese driver's license first. If you have some time it's worth it!

Joy Yang
posted on Friday, March 4th at 02:14

Kunming is called Spring City for a good reason. While we can enjoy friendly spring weather in Kunming nearly all year round, the 'real' spring has something special to offer: Kunming in bloom - do as the bees do and get attracted by colorful blossoms.

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, March 2nd at 23:10

Following up our small series of Kunming airport shuttle articles, we today complete it with the bus routes of Airport Bus 919. It's the cheapest way to get from the airport into town or the other way around. Look for the big white coaches outside the arrival hall!


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