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Justin Wang
posted on Sunday, December 4th at 22:04

While the Stone Forest is widely known to visitors from all over the world, only few of them have ever heard of nearby old and cozy Danuhei Village. This little hamlet is home to the local Sani ethnic minority and a visit can easily be connecterd to a day trip to the Stone Forest Scenic Area.

Justin Wang
posted on Friday, November 11th at 01:52

Welcome to the second part of your Yunnan Tour Planner. Today, we focus on what's important to know when it comes to booking a tour in China. Do you need a tour guide and if so, what has to be considered? What means of transport are best when travelling in Yunnan? Find it all out here.

Aaron Mao
posted on Thursday, November 3rd at 23:00

'Daguan' (大观), liturally meaning 'grand view', is a very suitable name for this park and its pavilion located at the northern tip of Dianchi Lake. With a fantastic view over the lake and onto the Western Hills, it is nice to visit specifically during winter with loads of migratory birds.

Aaron Mao
posted on Friday, October 28th at 02:36

To start with, the Lufeng World Dinsaur Valley (世界恐龙谷) deserves its name. A great number of dinosaur fossils were discovered here in the 20th century and it is known also beyond China for its amazing amount of complete skeletons and rich species. Located close to Kunming, it is a great day trip!

Aaron Mao
posted on Wednesday, October 26th at 03:08

As announced earlier in our blog, the new 8-hour and 2260 km-long Shanghai - Kunming connection is planned to open still this year. We today already present some first impressions and publish what future train travelers can expect from the new bullet train.

Justin Wang
posted on Friday, October 21st at 01:26

Your next holiday is definitely approaching soon, isn't it? If you consider visiting Yunnan and Southwest China, have a look at our small Yunnan tour planner. What is important to know? What shouldn't be left at home and what kind of tour and travel services are suitable for you?

Joy Yang
posted on Thursday, October 20th at 01:48

Strange name, great place! In Yunnan's north, close to our neighbors Sichuan and Tibet, the Balagezong Grand Canyon offers a splendid scenery of snow caped mountains, dense green forests and villages with Tibetan customs and distinguishing architecture.

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, October 17th at 01:28

Kunming's biggest landmark, the Dianchi Lake is worth a visit! Also if you won't be able to swim in it, there are plenty of options visiting its shores and close sights as well as enjoying the great view over lake and city. This is a day trip recommendation to Yunnan's biggest lake!

Justin Wang
posted on Thursday, September 22nd at 23:17

China's National Day, also know as the Golden Week, is just around the corner. From 1. to 7. October, banks, institutes and also our office will be closed. During one of the major peak travel seasons of the year, visitors to China should be prepared for crowds and prices higher than usual!

Olaf Malden
posted on Wednesday, September 21st at 02:10

Many visitors come to Yunnan to combine their stay with a trek. While the majority has heard of or visited and hiked the Tiger Leaping Gorge, further interesting treks can be found further up in the north close to Tibet and Yunnan's highest peak: Meili Snow Mountain.


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