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Shirley Zeng
posted on Sunday, April 9th at 23:34

Having specialized on customized tours in Yunnan and China, we of course also offer certified tour guide services to our guests. While some travelers prefer to travel without, the majority of our customers chooses to be accompanied by a guide, and if it's for language purposes only.

Cici Li
posted on Friday, March 24th at 01:04

In Yunnan, there is a saying: "Trains don’t run faster than cars and the railway only goes abroad, not to inland destinations." Actually, this is referring to the old Yunnan-Vietnam Railway. Today, the one-meter-gauge train still runs once a day through Kunming. Hop on and get nostalgic!

Nora Li
posted on Monday, March 20th at 01:00

Traveling by plane can be the fastest and often also easiest way to connect two different destinations, especially when visiting such a huge country as China. Here, we list some essentials, of which we think they are important to know when booking domestic flights.

Nora Li
posted on Tuesday, March 7th at 00:02

Vous êtes français? How wonderful: on February 21st, China and France signed an agreement on recognizing the validity of each other's driving licenses. This means, that for French people traveling to China, the driver's license test is not necessary anymore. 

Candice Lee
posted on Friday, February 17th at 01:54

According to the Yunnan Transportation Department, it is necessary for passangers traveling overland by bus to personalize the tickets. This regulation is valid from 1. April 2017 and means that for every passenger buying bus tickets, the ORIGINAL passort or ID card is required.

Justin Wang
posted on Tuesday, January 10th at 19:59

A visit to the Hani Rice Terraces of Yuanyang is best during winter months and in early spring (about November to February). It's especially the fascinating sunrises and sunsets turning this area into a popular destination. Filled with water, the fields resemble millions of natural mirrors!

Justin Wang
posted on Tuesday, January 10th at 00:41

It's Spring Festival soon in China (Jan.27 - Feb.2) and after that, the rapeseed flowers in Luoping gradually start to bloom. As every year, this is a perfect opportunity for photography enthusiasts, getting a glimpse of Yunnan's colorful countryside during this short period of time.

Christy Huang
posted on Wednesday, December 28th at 01:50

Yunnan has recently been confronted with more and more illegal travel services, offered by people or former tour guides pretending to run travel companies. As a legal tour operator, we put great importance on legal quality services and would like to point out some basic guidelines for bookings.

Christy Huang
posted on Monday, December 26th at 21:44

Great news for upcoming new year of 2017! The Chinese Railway Bureau plans to officially open the high-speed railway connection as well as the brand new Kunming South Railway Station on 5th January. This means that transportation from and to Yunnan is getting again one step more convenient!

Justin Wang
posted on Tuesday, December 13th at 23:06

Autumn is slowly turning into winter in Yunnan but there is still a good chance to get good views of colorful Gingko trees. We reported about the best spots in Kunming already last month, we today introduce another place, famous for these trees: the Ginko Village in Tengchong County.


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