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Melanie Timmerman
posted on Friday, September 1st at 00:09

Great news for our fellow commuters! Kunming Subway Line 3 is offcially open, connecting with Subway Lines 1 and 2 at Dongfeng Square and Subway Line 6, which has finally reopened, at Kunming East Bus Station. 

Shirley Zeng
posted on Wednesday, August 9th at 02:37

Two earthquakes hit the west of China between last night and today. Yesterday Jinghe County in Xinjiang was struck by a quake and early this morning a much stronger 7.0 magnitude one hit Jiuzhaigou County in Sichuan province.

Cici Li
posted on Monday, August 7th at 02:24

Tipping etiquette can be confusing and stressful when travelling abroad. In some countries tipping is mandatory, whereas in some cultures could be even offensive. Who to tip? When? And how much? Here's a brief guide to tipping around the world!

Nora Li
posted on Thursday, August 3rd at 01:12

Good news from the Lijiang area! The Tiger Leaping Gorge scenic site has reopened this morning after being closed for about about half a month because of landslides and rockfalls. The road to the main entrance is now completely accessible and the area is free to be explored again!

Nora Li
posted on Tuesday, July 25th at 19:37

The Tiger Leaping Gorge is temporarily closed for safety reasons until further notice. Due to heavy rains in north-west Yunnan, landslides blocked the main road to the scenic area and the hiking trail. We will keep track of the latest news. Please get in touch with us for any question!

Shirley Zeng
posted on Sunday, July 23rd at 23:53

While most regions in China are experiencing extremely hot weather this summer, Yunnan is the perfect destination to get some relief from the heat. Forget about scorching heat and overcrowded swimming pools! Come to Yunnan for a refreshing summer break! But don't forget your raincoat!

Jesse Wu
posted on Wednesday, July 19th at 23:40

Planning a family trip to Yunnan? Make sure to include Lijiang in your itinerary! This summer, students under 16 years of age can enjoy a large variety of discounts as well as free admission to the main tourist attractions, the most popular shows and accommodation too!

Aaron Mao
posted on Monday, July 3rd at 01:01

Puzhehei is a little town surrounded by an amazing area composed of a very unique karst landscape. Located a bit off the beaten track of Yunnan's main travel destinations, Puzhehei is especially worth a visit during summer when colorful lotus flowers cover lakes and rivers. Let us get you there!

Nora Li
posted on Friday, June 16th at 00:04

Since long, mystical Tibet with its splendid landscape and sacred religion has been one of China's preferred travel destinations for a great number of visitors. Tours to Tibet were also highlighted in our latest newsletter. Check out the latest travel regulations for non-Chinese tourists!

Shirley Zeng
posted on Tuesday, May 16th at 21:34

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel offers various day tours all over China, either private ones or for joining in. Whether in or around Kunming, Beijing, Chengdu or other cities of the country - get an overview of what can be done and visited during your spare day!


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