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Melanie Timmerman
posted on Friday, November 3rd at 01:27

From simple farmers markets to huge wholesale ones, Yunnan really has a lot to offer to the shopping lovers. Check out our list of the most interesting ones and get ready to bargain!

Cici Li
posted on Tuesday, October 31st at 22:50

2017 has been a great year for Wonders of Yunnan. After the ASTA convention in San Diego (CA), we're on our new way to meet more tourism specialists and seek more global opportunities. Come and meet us in Guiyang and London!

Chloe Zhou
posted on Wednesday, October 25th at 23:53

As the Kunming-Chongqing high-speed rail has been announced to operate by the end of the year, over the next decades, south-east Asia along with major cities of south-west China will become a paradise for railway travelers! 

Melanie Timmerman
posted on Friday, September 29th at 23:20

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls during the October Golden Week that celebrates China's National Day, meaning that we'll have a long eight-day holiday to celebrate, relax and, of course, eat mooncakes! 

Chloe Zhou
posted on Thursday, September 28th at 01:46

Wonders Of Yunnan Travel recently announced our exclusive partnership with China Southern Airlines. This enables our dearest customers travelling from major cities in the United States to reach the most popular travel destinations in China at unprecedented low prices.

Cici Li
posted on Friday, September 22nd at 01:36

Stay connected during your holidays in China! Here at Wonders of Yunnan Travel we've got your personal prepaid SIM card service ready for you! Forget about high roaming charges and slow internet, we've got you covered!

Wonders of Yunnan
posted on Wednesday, September 20th at 02:16

Last week the 22nd Session of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly brought together  tourism officials and high-level delegates from all over the world to discuss the future of Sustainable Development Goals.

Cici Li
posted on Thursday, September 14th at 00:14

Nowadays, with more opportunitilies of traveling around, people have started to pay more and more attention on how they travel. Besides planes and cars, Wonders Of Yunnan Travel also provides traveling by train among the options. 

Cici Li
posted on Thursday, September 7th at 22:30

By joining hands with China Southern Airlines, Wonders of Yunnan Travel is now offering our dear customers amazing deals to travel from the States to some of the most popular destinations in China. 

Melanie Timmerman
posted on Tuesday, September 5th at 02:13

Shangri-La Thangka Centre is a great place to immerse yourself in the authentic Tibetan culture. Whether you'd like to learn painting thangka or to just have a look at these stunning artworks, don't miss a visit to the Thangka Centre!


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