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Yunnan on French/German TV

With the exclusive support of Wonders Of Yunnan Travel, a German TV team made its way to Yuanyang Rice Terraces in summer 2015 to make a documentary on the local Hani minority: "China - Bride Without Groom". After several weeks of planning, a precisely elaborated itinerary was available for the team whose aim was to attend the Kuzhazha Festival, celebrated by the Hani people in the Honghe area. The logistics not only comprised transportation and tour guide but also finding a suitable protagonist for the movie which should be filmed within 2 weeks.


Produced for the French-Geman TV Chanel 'Arte', the documentary will be shown on Dec 5th at 19:30h CET. The trailer can be watched already now on YouTube:


Amendment, 7.Dec 2015: The full movie can be watched in German or French (available until January 2016). Afterwards completely on YouTube.