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The World Wetland Day Go to Yunnan Minority village - Azheke with actor Zhuyilong

The World Wetland Day

Go to Yunnan Minority village - Azheke with actor Zhuyilong



阿者科的生活,源自对朴素的敬畏和探索,是自然与人类和谐共存的体现;而梯田,则代表着传统山地农耕生产方式的最高表现形式,显示了人工湿地系统在生物多样性上的生态价值。今日,是世界湿地日,朱一龙 BAZAAR一起呼吁大家保护湿地与生物多样性,在人文传承与生态平衡中,与自然和谐共生。

Azheke’s life stems from his awe and exploration of simplicity and it is a manifestation of the harmonious coexistence of nature and humans. Terraces represent the highest expression of traditional mountain farming and production methods, showing the biodiversity of the constructed wetland system and Ecological value. 

Today is The World Wetland Day. The actor 朱一龙 - Zhu YilonG and BAZAAR together call on everyone to protect wetlands, biodiversity and live in harmony with nature in the inheritance of humanities and ecological balance.




Today, the cover of the February Bazaar’s e-magazine was taken by actor Zhu Yilong, WWF’s global ambassador for banning illegal wildlife trade, at the Yuanyang Terraces Scenic Area in the Honghe Hani Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan.




"阿者科 - A'zhe'ke" is one of the villages in Yuanyang Terraces which means the most auspicious small place literally. The mushroom house is a traditional house style of local Hani people. This Village is also one of the five villages of the World Cultural Heritage of Red River (Hongha river), Hani Heritage Area. The harmonious living environment is constituted by the traditional construction methods, the concept of respecting and worshiping nature. The natural and human landscapes reflect the cohesiveness, diligence, and tenacious spirit of Hani traditional settlement construction.

On November 13, 2019, Azheke Village was selected to the "2019 China Beautiful and Leisure Village List ". On December 31 of the same year, it was named the third batch of "Chinese Minority Villages" by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission.


云南红河哈尼梯田景区是一个活的生态系统,它由一个闭环游览线路组成。环线内村落林立,点缀在山间梯田上。至今当地少数民族仍然以传统方法耕作和生活。当然, 随着时代的进步,人民的生活条件得到很大的改善和提高,但是在这里游览,您仍旧可以切身体会云南哈尼、彝族人民的日常生活。漫步梯田,聆听清风吟唱,感受天人合一的宁静与自然。

Yunnan Honghe Hani Terraces Scenic Area is a living ecosystem, which consists of a closed-loop route. There are many villages in the core scenic area, dotted in terraced fields in the mountains. To this day, local ethnic minorities still cultivate and live in traditional ways. With the development, people's living conditions have been greatly improved, but you can still experience the traditional daily life of Yunnan Hani and Yi people by visiting here. Stroll the terraced fields, listen to the breeze singing, and feel the peace of the harmony between man and nature.




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