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The World’s Highest Bridge is in Guizhou and it’s spectacular

The Beipanjiang Bridge Duge was completed in 2016 and took the title of The World’s Highest Bridge.

Its location is in Dugexiang, and it links two provinces in Western China: Yunnan and Guizhou.

“No other region on earth has as many high bridges as China’s remote Western Province of Guizhou and there is no waterway within its borders with a greater collection of super-high bridge spans than the mighty Beipan River. Translated as the North Winding River, the BeipanJiang flows on a North-South rift that divides the Western and Eastern halves of Guizhou. The vertical limestone cliffs drop so deep that much of the river is in shadow during the day. Spaced every 50 kilometers along its length are a collection of epic road and railway bridges that have pushed the boundaries of China’s bridge engineering community.” Eric Sakowski

World's Highest Bridge

1,854 feet high / 565 meters high

2,362 foot span / 720 meter span

“Other engineering honors Duge can claim include having the second longest steel trussed cable-stayed span and the tenth tallest bridge tower in the world at 269 meters (882 ft).” Eric Sakowski

Construction phases of Beipanjiang Bridge Duge as documented by Eric Sakowski:


The construction started in October 2010. It was open for traffic in December 2016.


Eric Sakowski is an expert on large and high bridges having visited hundreds all over the Globe but he spends most of his time discovering new bridge spans in China and documenting them through photography and an understanding of how the design and engineering are combined to create amazing structures that seem to float across the great gorges and mountains of Western China. 

An exclusive tour of the truss below the deck where you can experience the view of a bird floating in the air half a kilometer above the Beipan River is part of Eric Sakowski 7-Day Guizhou highest bridges tour July 1-7 and the 7-Day Yunnan bridges tour July 8-14