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Wonders Of Yunnan Turns 5!

2.April 2011 marked the start of our tour operator business in Yunnan. We quickly expanded with loads of interesting tours to Southwest-China and other parts of the country. Thousands of satisfied customers said "thank you" and now it's up to us giving something back!


To mark the occasion we offer all our customers and guests a 5% discount on booked tour packages this summer.


This offer is vallid for:

  1. All new inquiries we receive from April onwards
  2. All tour packages starting between 1.May and 31.August 2016
  3. ​Private tour bookings (agencies get separate discounts)
  4. All services we offer in the tour package, except airfares


So, what exactly is a tour package? 

A tour package contains a number of individual travel services comprising at least

  • An experienced local tour guide at one or more of the destinations chosen
  • Private transportation with skilled driver for one or more travel legs
  • The booking of accommodation on the entire trip

Feel free contacting us if you have any questions, we are happy customizing your trip to Yunnan and China!