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The Wetlands of Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake, located just southwest of Kunming City, was and is known to be not the cleanest. To improve the water quality, numerous wetlands have been created along its shoreline. They're not only good for the environment but also offer a beautiful and peaceful scenery for visits just outside the city! Below is an overview of the best ones:

Baofeng Wetland (宝丰湿地)


Panlong River Estuary Wetland (盘龙江入湖口湿地)


Haidong Wetland (海东湿地)

Laoyuhe Wetland (捞鱼河湿地公园)

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Gudian Wetland (古滇湿地公园)

Jinning Dongdahe Wetland (晋宁东大河湿地公园)


Xihua Wetland (西华湿地)


Of course, these wetland parks can be included during your stay in Kunming and around. Please ask us for more information if of interest and let us arrange a tour guide and / or driver if needed.