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Welcome to the Rainy Season!

It's end of May and by now the rainy season has begun in Kunming and other parts of Yunnan. The majority of Yunnan's yearly precipitation falls between May and October. Not so nice for sighseeing but a blessing for local agriculture and general water supply after about half a year of sunshine!

While in average already more than a third of the days in May are rainy, the rainfall peaks in July and August. It is not recommended to do hikes in mountainous areas during the summer months, for example at the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Bring your rain gear and bear in mind that rain and cloudy days in areas with higher elevations as Kunming (around 1900m a.s.l.) usually go along with a sudden drop of temperatures.

View from our office window during a heavy rain shower on 23.May 2016


The monsoon in Yunnan also marks the beginning of the wild mushrooms season. Mushrooms will be filling the stands on markets within the next weeks and also local restaurants will offer a wide variety of mushroom dishes. 


For more inforamtion on Yunnan's weather please check our Climate Section. For specific tour plannings during the rainy season please contact us directly.