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Visit Dianchi Lake & Around!

Kunming's biggest landmark, the Dianchi Lake is worth a visit! Also if you won't be able to swim in it, there are plenty of options visiting its shores and close sights as well as enjoying the great view over lake and city. Especially when during the winter months migratory birds from Sibiria populate the area, the lake turns into a popular destination.


Suggested travel route along Dianchi Lake: Daguan Park - Western Hills - Yunnan Nationalities Village

A suggested tour route for a visit around, first leads you to Daguan Park at Dianchi's lakeside, we can admire one of the four most famous pavilions of China: the Park Scenic Area includes the three-storied Grand View Pavilion, which provides a spectacular view across giant Dianchi Lake and to the Western Hills behind it. Seen from afar, the mountain’s undulating skyline resembles a graceful young lady sleeping on her back; hence the mountain is also named "sleeping beauty".

The Western Hills and Dragon Gate can be entered best by cable car, carrying you over the lake (from Haigeng Park). From the top, we can take a birds-eye view of the city and the Dianchi Lake. The peak of the Western Hills, located at the west bank of the Dianchi Lake, rise up to over 2,500 meters above sea level. Enjoy the mountains well covered by evergreen woods and filled with songs by lovely birds.

Back on 'ground level' we continue to the Yunnan Nationalities Village. Endowed with lofty hills, beautiful pools, exquisite traditional houses and rare plants, it showcases Yunnan's architectural styles, religious beliefs, and folk customs of 26 ethnic groups in detail.


Entrance Fees

  • Daguan Park: 26 RMB / per ticket 
  • Western Hills: 98 RMB / per ticket
  • Yunnan Nationalities Village: 90 RMB / per ticket


Do you prefer to travel with a tour guide to get a more in-depth view on the sights mentioned or do you need a vehicle and driver to bring you around? Please contact us directly, happy to help out with your tour around Dianchi Lake or elsewhere in Yunnan!