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It's Yellow Gingko Time!

As already outlined in our latest newsletter, autumn is a great time to visit Yunnan. Additionally to loads of sunshine and blue skies, especially the yellow leaves of the Gingko trees produce a colorful scenery in the parks and gardens of Kunming. Below, we list five great places in the city to take a stroll through. Don't forget to bring your camera!


1. Yunnan University  

From end of October to about mid-December, the so called Ginkgo Path on the campus of Yunann University is a popular place to watch the 'shining' Ginkgo trees through which squirrels jump and run around. The campus is located in Kunming's center, not far from Green Lake Park (see below).



2. Green Lake Park

The Green Lake Park is Kunming's popular and beautiful central park. The yellow Gingko trees reflect in the ponds and together with the currently visiting seagulls, it's a good place to relax, take pictures and experience the local people’s life.



3. Kunming Botanical Garden

The biggest Ginkgo plantation of Kunming can be found in the Botanical Garden, which is located in Kunming's far north. In autumn, specifically local residents visit the area to enjoy the multicolored scenery of yello Ginkgo and red Maple trees. The entrance tickets cost 10 RMB per person.



4. Xihuayuan Park

This park with free entrance is a popular weekend destionation for locals. Often art and music festivals are arranged here. Located just outside the southern 2nd ring road and right next to Daguan Park (see below), ponds and walkways under Ginkgo trees invite to a stroll.



5. Daguan Park (Grand View Park)

The Daguan Park also has a Ginkgo Path, which is about 50m long. Connect the visit at the park with a walk down to the shores of Dianchi Lake and famous Daguan Pavilion.


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