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The New Bullet Train to Kunming

As announced earlier in our blog, the new 8-hour and 2260 km-long Shanghai - Kunming connection is planned to open still this year. We today already present some first impressions and publish what future train travelers can expect from the new bullet train.


Train Type

There are usually two types of high-speed-trains used in China, one with 8 wagons and one with up to 16. The new bullet train, arriving at and departing from Kunming’s brand new South Railway Station (see image above), will be the shorter version with 8 wagons, 3 different seat categories and 556 seats in total. It can reach a speed of 350 km/h.


Train Categories

Three different seat categories can be booked on the new connection. These are

  • Business Class
  • First Class and
  • Second Class.

Business Class

Unlike in planes, the Business Class is the category with most space and the most luxurious one. Comfortable leather armchairs in red create a relaxed atmosphere. The seats are equipped with electricity sockets and lamps and can be transformed into a horizontal position. There are three armchairs per row, separated by an aisle.

First Class

With 4 seats per row and an aisle in the middle, the First Class can still be considered as very comfortable. As in the Business Class, electronic devices can be charged. The seats are less multifunctional though, but you can still settle back to a specific extend.

Second Class

The Second Class reminds somewhat of the economy class on an airplane but with a bit more space. With 5 seats per row, this category will be the cheapest travel option on the high-speed train.

Confirmed ticket prices haven’t been released yet thus the bullet train tickets are not open for sale. It is expected though that this will be the case by November or December 2016.

Please contact us if you need more specific information or check our blog frequently.