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The Stone Forest - worth a visit!

The Stone Forest is Kunming’s most famous sight. Whether as a day trip, a stopover during a multiple day tour or as a weekend get-away with accommodation, contact us for more travel support.

The vast southern Chinese karst landscape is jointly composed by the sword- and pagoda-shaped karsts pillars of Yunnan's Stone Forest as well as the cone-shaped and stereoscopic pillars with its nature made bridges and crevices of the Karst Forest in Libo, Guizhou. This typical Karst physiognomy assumed shape of stone pillars and boulders which have been formed 500,000 to 300 million years ago and in total covers an area of 1,460 square kilometers. The scenic attractions in these regions enjoy great reputation, both within China and abroad. The Yunnan Stone Forest Park, 90km east of Kunming is a very popular tourist hot spot. Due to the gigantic size of the park it is nevertheless still possible to find less visited and remote areas, especially in the winter months. Find your own way through the maze of enormous stone pillars!

The Stone Forest was also recently chosen in National Geographic’s picture of the day category..