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Slogan Competition Update Wall 云南奇迹口号投稿公示

Until the last day of the slogan collecting, we received a lot of ideas and 16 of them are fit for our requirements. Wonders of Yunnan appreciates all your creations!  From today until April 7th,we will begin to open for the slogan voting. 


April 10th will be the reward day. Here are the reward rules below:


Once your application is received successfully, you can get a set of WOY postcards as a gift for your participation. (you can come to our office and get a print set or choose an electronic set that needs to be printed by yourself)


Once your application is ranked as the second and third nominated slogan, you will get a Luxury ticket for the Dynamic Yunnan Show.


If your slogan is chosen as the winner, we will send you two VIP Yunnan Dynamic Show tickets or a free position of Fam tour in 2019 (Still in planning) as a reward!


The interpretation rights of this activity belong to Wonders of Yunnan.


All slogans we choose for voting are below,please press here to vote the best slogan for us:



中文口号Chinese slogan:奇趣足迹,云南与您同行!

英文口号English slogan:Go with you for Yunnan's wonderful steps!


作者Slogan creator’s name: Martina Ho (From The Netherlands)

slogan received time: Feb.25th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月25日)



中文口号Chinese slogan:云南之行,奇迹之旅。

英文口号English slogan:The travel of Yunnan is beautifu|。


作者Slogan creator’s name:谢国强

slogan received time: Feb.25th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月25日)



中文口号Chinese slogan:美从这里开始;

英文口号English slogan:Beauty Starts Here


作者Slogan creator’s name:河南省兰考县,郑修凯

slogan received time: Feb.25th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月25日)



中文口号Chinese slogan:云南奇迹 - 体验式旅行

英文口号English slogan:Wonders Of Yunnan Travel - travel like a local!


作者Slogan creator’s name:Linda

slogan received time: Feb.26th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月26日)



中文口号Chinese slogan:

惊奇吗?惊奇为什么呢? (知道为什么吗?)





英文口号English slogan:

Wonders of Yunnan - Wonder why?

Wonders of Yunnan - Beyond Lost Horizons

Wonders of Yunnan - Escape to China's Eden

Wonders of Yunnan - Discover the Himalaya's hidden backyard

Wonders of Yunnan - Discover mystic tribes and mighty mountains


作者Slogan creator’s name:Melanie

slogan received time: Feb.26th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月26日)



中文口号Chinese slogan:选择云南奇迹,就是选择生命的奇迹

英文口号English slogan:Choose wonders of Yunnan, choose wonders of life!


作者Slogan creator’s name:York

slogan received time: Feb.26th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月26日)



中文口号Chinese slogan:跟着云南奇迹找你生命的奇迹

英文口号English slogan:Find your wonders in Yunnan


作者Slogan creator’s name:Vasil

slogan received time: Feb.26th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月26日)




Wonders of Yunnan,Wonders of Magic!


作者Slogan creator’s name:Selina

slogan received time: Feb.26th.2019(口号提交时间2019年2月26日)



(1)中文口号Chinese slogan:云南奇迹,创造奇迹!

         英文口号English slogan:Wonders of Yunnan, wonders creating!

(2)中文口号Chinese slogan:让风景点亮你的生活

        英文口号English slogan:Let the scenery light up your life

(3)中文口号Chinese slogan:远方不远

        英文口号English slogan:Far away is not that far

(4)中文口号Chinese slogan:千里之行,始于云南。

        英文口号English slogan:A journey of a thousand miles departure from Yunnan.


       作者 Slogan creator’s name::陆杝

       Sogan received time: Feb.26th.2019(口号提交时间2019年3月18日)