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Notice from Wonders of Yunnan about the Coronavirus

After an extra-long Spring Festival holiday, that we all had to spend at home with our family (or cat) to avoid spreading or contamination with the novel Coronavirus, our Wonders of Yunnan staff is back at work. Are we back at the office? Nope, like many companies in China, we are now temporarily  working from the comfort of our homes. This is still a crucial time in the efforts of suppressing the virus, which has an incubation time up to 2 weeks, and because all measurements to stop the virus from spreading have been taken about one and a half week ago, people are still advised going out as little as possible. And when we do, we never forget our masks!

Although the whole tourism industry in China might face a difficult time due to the novel Coronavirus, we will of course keep going!

We understand that this is not a great time to visit China, and we would not suggest anyone to come here at this time that the virus is still around, attractions are closed and transportation is halted. But this will come to an end, and when it is all over, we will be there for you to share our beautiful Yunnan with all her stunning nature and unique minority cultures again. Until that time, we will work hard on our new website and update all information, tours and add new content!

Expectations by experts are that the worst time of the epidemic will come in February 2020, and things will slowly go back to normal in the months after. From experience of previous epidemics (the SARS epidemic in 2003 for example, which broke out in February, and started to decline in April and was over in June) and due to the quick reaction of the Chinese government this time to shut down cities and transportations, we expect that the epidemic will be completely over around May. The situation in Yunnan is not as serious as in other provinces, so it might be safe to travel here earlier. Of course this is all unpredictable, but we stay optimistic! 

In the meantime, we will be available at our normal working times (Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 UCT +08:00 China time) for enquiries and questions, not just about Yunnan travel and tours, but we are also happy to answer any questions about the current situation and impacts of the new Coronavirus in Yunnan and China as we have reliable, official and up-to-date sources.

For those who have already booked a tour with us for the coming months, and are now feeling doubts whether to come or not, we get it! We will do our best to help you out and have two solutions (but we are happy to discuss!):

1. We can keep your tour reserved or a future time

Did you book a trip with us for this year, and you aren’t sure whether the situation will be better by that time, but you really want to come? No worries, we can keep your tour reserved. This means we can keep it for now at your planned time in case the situation is back to normal by then, but we can also change it anytime to a new time that you pick, whether that’s a few months later, or next year. And because we feel sorry for all the inconvenience caused by the present situation, we will arrange a free welcome dinner and give a 5% discount if you keep your trip reserved for another time, which will be recalculated with your balance payment. Please contact your travel consultant for details.

2. We can cancel your trip without cancellation fee

If you have a real bad feeling about this whole Coronavirus situation in China, we completely understand if you just want to cancel your tour. As much as we regret that you have to skip your Yunnan or China trip because of the Coronavirus, we will refund the whole sum* that you paid in advance so you can still enjoy your vacation elsewhere. And when you decide to come to China next time, we will arrange a free welcome dinner and a free hotel upgrade for one destination in your tour. Please contact your travel consultant for more details.

* Please note that we cannot refund already deducted bank transfer costs and we are not responsible for transfer costs from your bank from the refund, but we will cover the costs of our own bank

If you have any questions about your booked tour, we are here for you to help you out and we are determined to find a suitable solution for each individual case. For new customers, we will of course be available for enquiries for new tours, just information or help to plan your trip, and we will keep you up to date with news about the virus.