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Why are shopping tours offered at all?

Many tour operators in China are combining shopping stops on their tours to tourist destinations. Like this, the companies can earn commission for purchased products in souvenir shops, factories and other places and can offer their tours and services for a cheaper price. Often, this is not mentioned in advance and the shopping stops are more a (bad) surprise for the travelers than a convenient stop-over.


What happened in the meanwhile?

This sort of cheap forced shopping tours' began to run rampant so the provincial government of Yunnan finally puts a strict anti-fraud law in force on 15. April 2017 (text in Chinese only) in order to stop these unfair practices. This new regulation includes enhancements such as implementations of contract-based businesses, tour guide quality evaluations and even a blacklist for travel agencies breaking this law. All of this shall in the end lead to higher quality travel services and of course to a more satisfied Yunnan visitor, regardless if domestic or international.


So what changes for me when traveling with Wonders Of Yunnan Travel?

Absolutely nothing! This new law has been our principle ever since the company was founded: Wonders Of Yunnan Travel offers individually customized tours without shopping stops and has been rewarded with great feedbacks. All tours are being arranged according to the travellers request and personal wishes. Also, our tour guides are instructed accordingly to not take advantage of the situation and bring tourists to shops in order to earn a commission. If this for whatever reason happens nevertheless and you haven't asked for it, please contact us immediately!


But what if I want to go shopping?

Also no problem! If you want to buy some souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends, please let your personal travel consultant know that in advance while you are creating and optimizing your tour itineary. Like this, we can choose the appropriate shops for you and and ensure at the same time that your tour guide knows about these details and can bring you to the places you are interested in and - if wanted - even can even help you bargain with the vendors.


For any questions and concerns please don't hesitate contacting us to this issue. We are working hard to make your stay in Yunnan enjoyable!