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Night Trains In Yunnan

With the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, people get to travel more and more often; and of course seek the most convenient ways to travel.

The most popular ways to travel between cities are: airplanes, trains and cars. Depending on different destinations and distance, the choice of transportation also varies.

Despite the general improvement of the national railway network and the growing presence of high speed trains, older trains in China are still very common and their cheap fares are yet tempting to many. Recently, we've had quite a few visitors reporting slight problems when traveling by night train.

This post aims to give an overview on the most popular means of transport.


Traveling by aircraft is the fastest, safest, most comfortable and most relaxed option, but fares can be pricey and airports are often located far away from the city. Additionally, the other disadvantage about aircraft is that it’s not too convenient to board and it's also affected much by weather.

Cars are much faster and offer much flexibility. They’re very convenient for short trips. Yet with a small travel group, the cost can be really high and unsuitable for long-distance travel.

Trains are definitely the safest; they're fast and can accommodate hundreds of thousand of people. The best thing about train is that a journey would very rarely get affected by weather conditions. Generally speaking, traveling by train you will never get caught in traffic, you don't have to worry about delays, you can read, listen to music or just close your eyes and rest. In addition, train tickets are much cheaper than plane tickets, train stations are usually closer to the city center than airports.

If you are traveling between small and medium-sized cities, some places may not be reachable by planes, whereas there are many different routes that can be provided by trains. 


Among our most popular tours, we usually arrange train transportation between Kunming, Dali and Lijiang, as it can save a lot of the time on the road and the cost can be much lower.  You can always meet some interesting people along the way and experience a peculiar travel option.


Besides the benefits, we would like to give you the down sides on the night train as well. The sleeping cabin is not quite spacious, and you will have to share a room with another three people (they can be complete strangers to you), the bed is not so spacious or soft as in the hotel, and the bathroom and washrooms are relatively limited, the bunkers might not be too clean. The train will be particularly bumpy during the journey, especially when you meet a train station or stop, it might be a little difficult to have a sound sleep and get yourself fully ready for the next day’s tour.

A faster, more convenient but more expensive trip by planes or cars, or a slower, more economical and adventurous but a bit less comfortable journey by train?It's your call!

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