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New Kunming - Shanghai Railway

The high-speed train network in China is getting bigger: in Summer 2016, a new train line will connect Kunming in Yunnan with Shanghai at the east coast. The ride will only take 8 hours instead of the current 38. Since many years, train pasangers coming to Yunnan from Shanghai, used and still use standard, relatively slow and unmodern trains. Now, the last section (Guizhou – Yunnan) of this new high-speed line will be finished in a couple of months and will shorten the trip tremendously.

The high-speed railway line connecting Shanghai and Kunming will be 2264km long and passing six provinces: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guizhou and Yunnan. The price for a train ticket will be between 600 to 800 RMB. For comparison, flight tickets for the same route cost about 2000 RMB in average for one way.

The exciting aspect of this line is that very diverse landscapes and amazing views can be enjoyed along the way. It is planned to extend the line to Dali within the next years.




Shanghai Chenghuang Temple


Hangzhou Old Town




Fenghuang Old Town


Guizhou Miao Minority Village


Yunnan Dali Three Pagodas 

If you're interested in visiting one of the cities that the train passes through, please contact us, we're happy to provide you more information and customize your tours!