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National Holiday Travel Tips

China's National Day, also known as the Golden Week, is just around the corner. In one week, from 1. to 7. October, banks, institutes as well as our and many other offices will be closed. During one of the major peak travel seasons of the year, visitors to China should be prepared for large tourist crowds and prices higher than usual. If you still would like to travel within China during this period, accept some of our recommendations:


  1. The best way to prevent crowds is not to go to designated tourist areas. In Yunnan, that would be for example the Stone Forest, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Dali and Lijiang.
  2. Especially southern China is attractive during this break in October due to its warm and mild weather. As it can get quite cold already in the north of China during autumn, the southern part of the country, also Yunnan, attracts relatively more people.
  3. If somehow possible, try to prevent to be 'on the road' on the first and last two days of the holiday period, which are the busiest days in terms of transportation. As people from all over the country try to make the most of their holidays, aircrafts, trains and buses will definitely be full at that time, if not overbooked.
  4. Always book your tickets well in advance if traveling between the first and seventh October. Especially train tickets are prone to being booked out. Usually, these are on sale 60 days prior to departure, so it is suggested to buy these directly once available. Early bookings should also be considered for flights and hotels, either they’ll be fully booked, or the prices will skyrocket.
  5. It is always recommended to contact local tour operators and if it's only for information. Expert advise can be very useful. We at Wonders Of Yunnan Travel would be more than happy giving you our best recommendations.


Seeing yourself already in the crowds above? Don't worry, there are still many places all over the country which are not being overrun. Planning your travels correctly and in a timely manner is the best strategy. If you need support with any sorts of travel services please let us know. We're wishing you a great National Holiday!