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Luoping's Canola Flower Festival

The 18th Canola Flower Festival is just around the corner. From 8th February to 8th March, we will not only have the chance to see the Luoping County in golden bloom but also experience the local culture during festivals and events! 

This 2016 festival will be more focused on international activities while continuing having the spirit of past festivals since 1999. Among those activities, there will be the hosting of the Royal International Circus, the Southeast Asia Food Festival, the "Oriental Garden - Charming Luoping" National Photography Exhibition Award and many more.

Luoping food, local folk culture and of course the 'sea of flowers' around are further topics.

This festival is held to show the world Luoping's beautiful canola flower bloom. The area has turned to a popular destinations for travelling in late winter. Check out our recent Luoping tour to the area and contact us if you have any questions!