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Lijiang - Away from the hustle and bustle

Sometimes we need a place to go to be away from all the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. In the mysterious East of China, such a place exists. Here time moves slower, a relaxing pace for the soul. 

It is said that it's a pure land, a living ancient nation, where everyone can sing and dance, where you're never alone, you're in the company of breathtaking nature. 

It is said that it's a corner of heaven surrounded by snow-capped mountains, with white fluffy clouds floating around the summits.

This is Lijiang. A place where you sink away in daydreams, as soft memories begin to dance in your mind. A town depicted from ancient poems of love and bravery. After walking along its narrow streets, between the wooden beautiful houses, with the mountainous horizon always there to keep this treasured town safe, a smile will appear around the corners of your mouth.

Lijiang lives in the soul of anyone yearning for a free and tranquil life.

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