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Leishan International Hmong Festival

As the exclusive cooperation we have with Hmong TV in America, The Otherside Travel was very glad to take part in the Leishan International Hmong Festival from November 23rd  to November 26th . 

It was our great honour to invite 51 important Hmong guests from over 20 countries overseas, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand, France, Vietnam, Laos...etc. People of the Hmong ethnic group gathered here to celebrate Harvest New Year together. 


Hmong People New Year

Hmong people traditional New Year, called nongx niangx in English, is the most important traditional festival of the Hmong people. It is really popular in Miao and Dong minority villages in the Southeast of Guizhou. This Hmong people cultural event will be held from early October to late December. It includes a series of intangible cultural heritage parade, intangible cultural heritage performances, minority dancing and a singing show on November 23rd and a five days commercial performance from November 24th to 28th .


Hmong people from all over the world gathered together

Over thousands Hmong people beautifully dressed up, participated in a wonderful parade at the opening ceremony. These 51 guests from abroad also wore their traditional dresses, followed others in the parade, they were warmly welcomed by the local Hmong people. This colorful Hmong culture truly made an impression on everyone.


We made the event more successful

As a professional travel operator, Otherside Travel was really honored to invite Doctor Yang from the US to have an interview. Doctor Yang is also a Hmong culture professional. Our professional tour guide Miss Zhang used international Hmong language to help translate. Beside this, our team has helped to provide the personalized services during the festival and the whole event.


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