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Kunming's Metro

Kunming's metro system is very new and therefore still quite incomplete. It would be actually a bit too early calling it a network yet. While there is a metro station close to our office (North Railway Station, line # 2), many other people in town still are waiting for their direct underground connection. Currently, Kunming has three metro lines in operation: No. 1, No.2, and No.6.

Line No.1 (red) and 2 (blue) are directly connected  to each other at South Ring Road (no change of trains needed) and currently form the north-south spine of the network-to-be. It is about 40km long and includes 31 subway stations. The daily service time lasts from 6:20h in the morning to 22:30h at night.

Line No. 6 connects Kunming's international airport to the Eastern Bus Terminal and still is rather 2nd or 3rd choice when travelling to or from the airport. It was already usable earlier but is not in operation currently due to further constructions.

The transportation fare depends on the distance and is between 2 and 7 RMB. They can be bought at booths inside of the stations or bilingual ticket machines. Modern trains arrive and depart every 4 to 7 minutes with clean easily accessible stations conveniently located to provide fast links to bus services. Kunming's current subway plan looks like this:



The new east-west connection Line No. 3 (showed in pink in the plan above) is planned to complement the existing lines sometime in 2017. Further lines are planned and one day the network might look like this:




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