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Kunming Subway Line 3

Good news, Kunmingers!

Kunming Subway Line 3 officially opened on August 29.

Subway Line 3, covering twenty stations along 23,4 kilometres, stretches from east to west: from Xishan Park Station to Kunming East Bus Station.

Subway Line 3 runs daily from 6:20 to 22:45 and the fare is RMB 2 up to 4 km distance, plus RMB 1 every two additional kilometres.

Along Subway Line 3 you can transfer to Subway Lines 1 and 2 at Dongfeng Square, and Subway Line 6 at East Bus Station.

After being closed for a while, Subway Line 6, which runs between Kunming East Bus Station and Kunming Changshui International Airport, has reopened again, making it now possible to travel from the north-west of Dianchi all the way to the airport!

The completion of the entire subway project, including six lines in total, is expected by the end of 2020.

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