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Kunming In Bloom!

Kunming is called Spring City for a good reason. While we can enjoy friendly spring weather in Kunming nearly all year round, the 'real' spring has something special to offer: Kunming in bloom - do as the bees do and get attracted by colorful blossoms.


Yuantongshan Park for example is an old park in the heart of Kunming since 1953, also known as the Kunming Zoo. Since a couple of years, some of the animals moved outside the city to a larger area, the park is has more space to offer for trees and flowers, over 18000 square meters. The bloom inside is one of the most attractive and spectacular not only during spring in Kunming but also China-wide: it is ranked as one of the top 10 places for cherry blossom in China. Over 480 Yunnan and 200 Japanese cherry trees as well as over 1200 other blooming plants form an ocean of pink flowers every year in March.

Going to Yuantongshan Park and enjoying the blossoms and flowers is a tradition of many local residents, especially on upcoming Women’s Day on March 8th.

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