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Jiangdong Gingko Village

Autumn is slowly turning into winter in Yunnan but there is still a good chance to get good views of colorful Gingko trees. We reported about the best spots in Kunming already last month, we today introduce another place, famous for these trees: the Gingko Village in Gudong Township of Tengchong County. Yellow and golden layers of Gingko tree leaves are scattered everywhere and turning the scenery into a dreamlike place.

Jiangdong Gingko Village (江东银杏村) is located about 40km north of Tengchong county. It is populated with about 820 families and over 3000 Gingko trees. 50 of these trees are 500 years or older and another 70 reach an age of 200-300 years! The village is naturally nestling within this colorful forest, which is a perfect place to catch the last views of Yunnan's beautiful autumn.

Here, in this nice backdrop, the nationwide famous action movie “Swordsman” (武侠) was shot.

Further Travel Information

  • Best travel time: October – December
  • Suggested visiting time: half to one day
  • Entrance ticket price: RMB 40
  • Opening hours for visitors: whole day
  • Further suggested scenic spots around the area: Heshun Ancient Town, Tengchong National Geology Park

Feel free letting us know, if you need any help arranging a tour to Jiangdong or Tengchong!