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In & Around Anning

Just west of Kunming, Dianchi Lake and Western Hills lies Anning County. Besides the city of Anning, it covers many beautiful nature areas and places worth visiting. The proximity to Yunnan's capital Kunming makes it a popular weekend trip destination for locals and visitors. Our short visitng guide to Anning shall give you a brief overview of what can be done.


  1. Kunming Qinglong Canyon (昆明青龙峡)

Located at the northern edge of the county, some 30 km away from Anning City, this 19 square kilometer wide scenic area offers nice views and great opportunities for rafting and kayaking. Hikes to local Yi minority villages are also recommended.

Entrance fee: 30 RMB per person

Address: Qinglong Canyon Scenic, Qinglong Town, Anning 650308, China

Phone Number: 0871-8720884


  1. Anning Hot Springs (安宁温泉)

The famous Anning Hot Springs, also known as Biyu Springs are located at the hill side of Yuquan Mountain, close to the banks of Tanglangchuan River. The special feature of this hot spring is that there are 9 different water outlets with a total volume of about 1000 tons per day. The water temperature is between 42-45℃ and doesn’t have the smell of Sulphur, but enriched with classical trace elements such as calcium carbonate, magnesium, potassium and radon, making it suitable for baths and also drinking.

Curative effects for skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and a variety of gastrointestinal diseases are proven and therefore also praised since the Ming dynasty already (1368 – 1644).

Address: North of Anning, Anning 650307, China

Phone Number: 0871-8631886


  1. Caoxi Temple (曹溪寺)

Just opposite of the hot springs and east of Longshan Mountain, Caoxi Temple is yet another visiting spot in Anning County. Built in the Dali Empire during Song Dynasty (960 – 1279), the main hall, apses and a bell can be marveled at.

Entrance fee: 10 RMB per person

Address: West of Anning Hot Spring, Anning 650300, China

Phone Number: 0871-8631018


  1. Jinfang Forest Spa (金方森林温泉)

The Jinfang Forest Spa is situated within a forested area, covering more than 60 acres. As part of the Anning Hot Spring Area, this place offers a total of 37 spa baths, several huts and villas to rent as well as swimming pools.

Address: Longxi road, Anning, China

Phone Number: 0871-8632788


  1. Wang Renqiu Monument (王仁求碑)

The Wang Renqiu Monument can be found in Dashizhuang Village, about 25 km south of Anning City. It was built in the Tang dynasty (618 – 907) nearly 1300 years ago. The center forms a large stone tablet with inscriptions about Wang Renqiu who was a local and worked for the Emperor.

Address: Dashizhuang Village, Mingyihe Country, Anning 650303, China


  1. Fahua Temple Grotto (法华寺石窟)

The original name of Fahua Temple was Sleeping Buddha Temple and is famous for its hand carved grottos. On the sheer reddish sandstone precipices in the west of Luoyang Mountain, one can see a great deal of grottos and inscriptions, all exhibiting high values of artistic and historical research. In 1965, these masterpieces were listed as important heritage sites by Yunnan Provincial Government and thus are a popular attraction of locals. It is said having been constructed in the early Tianbao Period of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) by disciples of the Zen Buddhist Master Huineng. The major sites include the Ruins of Fuahua Temple, Buddhist grottos, the Statue of Shakyamuni in Ascetic Stage, the Reclining Buddha, Saijingshi (Stone for Sunning Buddhist Inscriptions) and the Yuwang Stele.

Address: Luoyang Hill, East of Anning, Anning 650300, China


  1. Yulong Bay Scenic Resort(玉龙湾景区)

At the western side of Kunming’s scenic spot Xi Shan (Western Hills) the quiet and rural area of Taiping starts. Yulong Bay Scenic Resort is located in the middle of it. The area is not only worth visiting due to its beautiful natural scenic spots but is also used as a film shooting base.

Address: Yulong Bay, Tuole Village, Taiping Country, Anning 650333, China


Buses from Kunming downtown to Anning City and the Taiping area leave regularly. From there, further transportation is needed to most of the individual sites. Contact us for further information or -  alternatively – car rental prices.