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The Green Lake Park in Kunming

Pearl, Jade, Gem or Eye of Kunming - there are a couple of names for the Green Lake Park in Kunming's geographical city center. Established in the 17th century, it is today often the first port of call for Kunming visitors. Join musicians and dancers or just sit and watch in a nice atmosphere.

Cui Hu (翠湖) as it is called in Chinese, consists of a group of 4 small ponds linked by bridges in the traditional Chinese style. In the early days, the lake was used as a water reservoir for the city. Today, brightly painted pavilions on the islands inside the park, tree-lined walks, colourful lotus flowers on the ponds and people from around enjoying themselves by dancing, painting, taking pictures or exercising all add to the appeal of the park.

Green Lake is ringed by a street, and along the edge of that are restaurants and tea houses (some with rooftop dining), shops, and hotels, including the upscale Green Lake Hotel and Grand Park Hotel. The park is nice to visit at every time of the year during winter months, the Green Lake attracts red-pecked seagulls from Siberia who migrate to our pearl, escaping the arctic chill. They entertain the crowds of visitors as they swoop and dive across the lake. This charming scene, in which man, birds, and nature mingle in such harmony made the Green Lake Park even more famous.


Located in the park is the statue of one of Yunnan's most famous patriots - Nie Er, the composer of China's national anthem.


The most famous building near the lake is Jiang Wu Tang, a former military academy. With its beautiful yellow colour the building today hosts the Yunnan Military Academy Museum and is a well-known tourist attraction.