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Of Ghost Towns & Wetlands

Kunming is quite a big city and apparantly it's still getting bigger. For this reason, a couple of years ago, a complete 'new' Kunming was built south of the initial city center, called Chenggong, some 30 km away. Urban planners have not only built numerous new high-rise buildings but also an artificial wetland park at the shore of Dianchi Lake.

While Chenggong in the meanwhile hosts part of the seat of government as well as a huge campus of Yunnan University, especially before, during and after the upcoming Spring Festival Holiday (27. January to 2. February 2017) the area resembles an empty but modern and extremely clean ghost town.

Take the subway line 1 far south and get off at stations like Chunrong Street (春融街 / Chunrong Jie) or Tuofeng Road (驼峰街 / Tuofeng Jie) to get a good impression on what it actually means to be alone. Hop on a brand-new public electric bus direction Dianchi Lake (driven by a real human!), driving you over wide and empty roads and bridges towards the Laoyu River Wetland Park.

The wetland park has a size of 480 mu or 32 hectars and has been built to clean the waste water of nearby housings (where at least some people live) before they flow via the Laoyu River into the Dianchi Lake.

If you are interested in such a day trip but need any support, please don't hesitate contacting Wonders Of Yunnan Travel.