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FAM-Tour Chronicles 2: Guizhou

Following our FAM-tour in Yunnan, we brought the mixed group of travel agents, photographers, bloggers, and other experts from several western countries to come discover another hidden corner of the world, Guizhou.


After our arrival in Guiyang, we went to the Guizhou Provincial Museum, which has a huge collection of colorful ethnic costumes. We also visited Qingyan Old town, with its many temples and local snacks and Qianling Park, where monkeys stole our food, and we could see the whole panorama of Guiyang city.

We had time to explore Xijiang Thousand Houses Miao Village. Many places were under construction and it was a bit too touristic, but once you climbed higher up the village, the small shops fell away and only traditional houses and local villagers were left.


After that, we went to the charming and definitely more authentic Langde Miao Village. Where a group of costumed, singing Miao women welcomed us into their village with lots a rice wine and a good performance. From young to old, men and women, all were wearing their ethnic costumes, and performed their traditional dances accompanied by traditional Lusheng instruments and folk songs.


On a rainy day, we learned wax-printing from a master. She showed us how to draw the pattern, put on the wax and dye it. Then we got our hands sticky making Ciba cake. We came back to the hotel with our wax-printed piece of cloth as souvenir of this great experience.


The day after, we made flower paper in a grotto, saw how hand-made paper is still made day after day in the Shiqiao village and visited the Gaoyao rice terraces.

On the last day, we had a meeting with the Guizhou Tourism Development Committee, to introduce Guizhou to all our guests.


Our exclusive partner China Southern Airlines provided the tickets from London and back and the Guizhou Tourism Development Committee covered all the other expenses for this trip.


This Guizhou-trip was really interesting, we met a lot of great people and learned a lot from our adventures.



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