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Fabio: Blogger & Photographer

Fabio Nodari is an Italian travel blogger and photographer. Besides detailed travel stories and tips where to travel next, his website also shows a variety of perfectly shot pictures he has taken over the last couple of years. Recently, he has also been to Yunnan and together with us explored the area. 

In 2014, Fabio started to travel around the world and documenting his experiences on his travel blog and website with detailed stories and beautiful pictures. Over the years, it has turned to a valuable information platform for destinations all over the world. One of his first tours lead him to Taiwan, where he eventually started to find interest in Asia.


Earlier this year, Fabio and we at Wonders of Yunnan Travel decided to do combine his proficiency in photography and our expertise in traveling Yunnan and China. In the meanwhile, Fabio has been to Yuanyang, Dongchuan, Lijiang, Luoping, Dashanbao and other nice places. Below some impressions.


Yuanyang, February 2017

Dongchuan, October 2016

Lijiang & Around, March 2017

Luoping, February 2016

Dashanbao, February 2017

Shigu, March 2017

Dali, March 2017

Heqing, February 2016

Shanghai, March 2016