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Exotic Danuohei Village

While the Stone Forest is widely known to visitors from all over the world, only few of them have ever heard of nearby old and cozy Danuhei Village. This little hamlet is home to the local Sani ethnic minority and a visit can easily be connecterd to a day trip to the Stone Forest Scenic Area in Shilin.



Danuohei Village is located about 30km southeast of Shilin and the Stone Forest, where local Sani people - a branch of the larger Yi minority - have been preserving long-lasting customs, traditional belief and religion. The village is specifically famous for its house building traditions with natural stones and rocks, which also gave the village names like Stone Concrete Village or Stone Elf Village. This attracts many painters and photographers.



Apart from these beautiful stone houses, the ancient trees at the village entrance, the crystal-clear water lake nearby and the mysterious Mizhi Festival taking place end of November / beginning of December are very fascinating.



Our tour to Stone Forest and Danuohei Village can be arranged all year round. Feel free contacting us for more information we’re happy to support you!