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Don't Miss Out: Miao Festivals in Guizhou, China!

There are many ethnic minorities living in Guizhou and among these the Miao is the largest group. Today the Miao minority has an extensive population of approximately four million in Guizhou, which accounts for over half of the Miao population in China. The Miao’s unique and mysterious traditional clothing styles, original architecture and ancient customs are untouched by the outside world and still contained in villages and native tribes in Guizhou, which are sure to give travelers an exceptional feeling of contrast and excitement.


And what other way is better to get a taste of this unique and ancient culture of Guizhou’s indigenous minority tribes than participating in one of their traditional festivals? Below we have listed Miao festivals that are worth checking out, and be sure not to miss them when you travel to China!

2019 Guizhou Miao Festivals Calender
Jan.01-03 Lusheng Festival Xishan Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.04 Lusheng Festival Yongli Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.06-09 Lusheng Festival Douli Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.07-08 Lusheng Festival Village around Congjiang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.10 Lusheng Festival Yongli Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.11 Lusheng Festival Xishan Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.12 Lusheng Festival Douli Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.13 Lusheng Festival Xishan Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.04-15 Lusheng Festival Douli Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.24 Lusheng Festival Datang, Dadai Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jan.24 Lusheng Festival Yongli Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.03 Lusheng Festival Cuili Cenfeng Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.05 Chinese New Year Rongjiang, Liping Various Celebrations
Feb.05-07 Lusheng Festival Qingzui Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.05-11 Lusheng Festival Near Rongjiang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.07-24 Lusheng Festival Rongjiang, Kaili, Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.08-10 Spring Festival Activities Kongshan Area Various Celebrations
Feb.09 Jump Flower Festival Liuzhi Xinyao, Kaili Miao's Dancing
Feb.10-12 Lusheng Festival Dafengdong Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.11 Workship Ancestor Zhanli Off sacrifice to ancestors
Feb.11-12 Lusheng Festival Yatang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.11-13 Lusheng Festival Lengshui Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.12-13 Lusheng Festival Gyan,Gping,Liujia Lusheng playing competitions
Feb.13-14 Lusheng Festival Xinguang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.13 Lusheng Festival Tongmuling,Suoga, Liuzhi county Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.14 Jump Flower Festival Liuzhi, Suoga, Kaili's village Miao's Dancing
Feb.15-16 Lusheng Festival Dazhong, Liupanshui Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.15-19 Lusheng Festival Anshun Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.16-18 Lusheng Festival Yangchang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.16-22 Jump Flower Festival Fuquan Singing & Dancing
Feb.17-18 Lusheng Festival Tonggu Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.18 Lusheng Festival Baiyang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.18 Lusheng Festival Xingman, Taojiang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.18-19 Later Dragon Festival Taijiang Fire Dragon Latern
Feb.20-21 Lusheng Festival Longchang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Feb.23-24 Lusheng Festival Zhouxi Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Mar.01-06 Lusheng Festival Nangao around Kaili Dancing, Bull fighting
Mar.03-04 Lusheng Festival Nangao Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Mar.08 Workship Bridge Jiuji, Zhaitou, Nangong, Taijiang Off sacrifice to brigdes
Mar.15 Lusheng Festival Qinglang Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Mar.15 Fangu Festival Qinglang  
Mar.18-19 Caihuajie Anlong Dixi Singing & Dancing
Mar.19-21 Jump Flower Festival Jianhe Qingsong, Shibing Miao's Dancing
Mar.21 Sisiter Meals Jianhe Qingsong, Shibing Singing & Dancing
Mar.21 Tiaohuachang Nangao around Kaili Small Flower Miao
Mar.22 Climbing mountain Shuizhu Wenggxian Singing and Mult-actions
Apr.07 Miao Ren Jie Leli, Liangwang  
Apr.18-21 Sisiter Meals Taijiang Multi Activities
May.15 Si Yue Ba Huangping, Guiyang Dancing with Lusheng
Jun.07 Duan Wu Wenningm Zhijing, Dafang Babao Village Big Flower Miao
Jun.26-29 Dragon Boat Shidong area Canoe-style dragon boat race
Jul.07 Lusheng Festival Bijie Dancing, Playing Lushengs
Jul.08 Liu Yue Liu Yaobo, Yandong Singing and making cake
Jul.21-23 Climbing mountain Kaili, Liping Climbing mountains, Rural fair
Aug.07 Qi Qi Festival Kaitang, Panghai, Basha, Yintang, Bapa  
Aug.13 Qi Yue Ban Festival Geyi, Matang Singing & Dancing, Buffalo fighting
Oct.07 Chongyangjie Kaitang Dancing, Buffaloes fighting
Oct.22-27 Lusheng ChongAn , GuL,ShiD Dancing, Buffaloes fighting
Nov.02 Miao New Year Around Kaili & Leishan Multi Actions
Dec.04 Lusheng Festival Longli  Xiajiang Dancing, playing Lushengs
Dec.14 Lusheng Festival Basha, Dadong Dancing, playing Lushengs
Dec.21 Lusheng Festival Xishan Dancing, playing Lushengs
Dec.23 Lusheng Festival Xishan, Douli Dancing, playing Lushengs
Dec.26-31 Lusheng Festival Douli Dancing, Playing

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