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Delicious Yunnan Cheese

This is not France, nor Switzerland. But also Yunnan has its cheese specialities. Looking like white pieces of tofu, 'Rubing' or 'Rushan' is a cheese made out of goat milk, produced primarily by the Bai ethnic minority in Dali as well as the Sani people of Lunan. In Bai language it is called "yond bap", which means something like "made out of milk" or "goat milk". Cheese made of goat milk is usually of very good quality. The cheese is served either roasted or steamed, sometimes it's also eaten raw. Topped with salt and pepper or sugar gives the very mild cheese great additional flavours.

There is - of course - a story behind the origin of this cheese. A long time ago, when winter was about to come, people herded their sheep in weed-rich areas which were far away from their villages. Over the long distance from the pastures back to their winter grounds, fresh milk had often gone sour. As a result, quite much goat milk was wasted. A smart young man - inspired by the preparation of tofu by his neighbor - started to experiment with the preservation of the goat milk. By adding physalis (a vegetable) to the heated goat milk, the tofu-like cheese he produced, got a delightful smell of milk and became both, tasty and refreshing. Being easy to preserve, process and transport, this recipe for 'Rubing' or 'Rushan' quickly spread.

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