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China's Tomb-Sweeping Day

The Tomb-Sweeping Day, or Qingming Jie (清明节) how it is called in Chinese, is a traditional Chinese festival beginning of April, on which ancestors are remembered. Usually families use this holiday visiting the grave yards of their ancestors, sweep the tombs, light incense sticks and put down offerings. This year, Qingming Jie takes place on 4. April 2017.

The festival and also the rites have a long tradition - not only in China but also in many other places in Asia. Besides decorating the graves with flowers and little gifts, willow branches are put on doors to prevent from evil sprits. Also, singing and dancing is a common custom as well as let animal shaped kites fly.

More information to this festival can be found hereAs the Tomb-Sweeping Day is a public holiday in China, also our office remains closed on 3. and 4 April. Please contact us directly for any queries you might have, thank you.