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Cherry Valleys in Yunnan

Yunnan is specifically interesting for photographers, whether professionals or shutterbugs. Our photography tours throughout Yunnan are of course best when specific areas of interest are most spectacular or colorful, like the blooming of the Luoping Rapeseed Flowers during spring time or the Yuanyang Rice Teraces during the winter months. Visit Yunnan now to witness the colorful cherry blossom!

In particular, there are two noteworthy so called Cherry Valleys in Yunnan which are famous for its beautiful blossom at this time of the year. These can be easily combined with nearby cities as Tengchong and Dali.


Tengchong Cherry Valley(腾冲樱花谷):

Located in Shuangpo Village, about 26km outsite of Tengchong City, the valley is part of the Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve. Additionally to the cherry trees, the valley boasts more than 200 rare plant species and is home to the snub-nosed monkey. The famous hot springs of Tengchong are also close and offer visitors a great opportunity to relax.


Wuliang Mountain Cherry Valley(无量山樱花谷):

This valley is located some 50km south of Dali in Wuliang Town, covering an area of about 1.3 km². The cherry trees are planted into a tea plantation, making the scenery a very special one.


If you need any support arranging tours or stays in respective areas, get in touch with us directly, we are happy arranging your tour around colorful Yunnan!