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Budget Travels: The Cheap Yuan

Recently, the Chinese Central Bank is striving towards devaluating the Chinese Yuan. For many people outside of China earning, having and paying with other currencies this means in turn, that all sorts of services in China are getting cheaper.

Comparing major currencies to the Chinese Yuan within the last year shows a favorable development for travellers going to China from abroad, especially for people paying in US Dollars, Euro and the Japanese Yen. Below an overview of historical exchange rates (status today, 12.January 2016):


Get over 6.5 CNY for 1 USD now, the highest rate since about 5 years!


Up and down and up and down, over 7 CNY are now paid for 1 EUR again after a long downtrend in summer 2015!


You'll receive 0.0555 CNY for 1 JPY today, the highest value since end of 2014!

Further websites providing detailed exchange reate overviews for all sorts of currencies are for example

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