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The Beekeepers Of Yunnan

The Beekeepers Of Yunnan is the second movie, a German film team made in Yunnan with the support of Wonders Of Yunnan Travel. After having filmed the story of a young Hani woman in 2015, the film team now returned in summer 2016 to report about the life and work of the migrant beekeepers in Yunnan.

In particular, the movie was shot in the Red Soil Land area of Dongchuan as well as further south in Shiping and Yuanjiang. It is a documentary about Chinese honey production, local methods, the beekeepers themselves as well as their families and friends. The movie is now available online on the website of the French / German tv station arte until 2.January 2017.

French version: Chine, les ruches de maître Xing

German version: Die Honigsammler von Yunnan

Afterwards, it can be watched on youtube (French and German).